SLT Planner (NEW)

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Look professional with one of our stylish planners specifically made for members of the leadership team, INCOs and other academic personnel who want to keep track of daily appointments and notes.

Additional information

Size of Planner

A4, A5



Type of Cover


Type of Planner

A, B

Number of Lessons per Day


Planner Artwork

Autumn Red, Bubblegum Pink, Golden Glimmer, Layered Peach, Maltese Cross 1, Maltese Cross 2, Ocean Marble, Ombre Green, Ombre Purple, Shimmery Blue, Shimmery Jade, Smoky Grey Marble, Blue Gold 2, Maltese Tiles 1, Maltese Tiles 2, Maltese Tiles 3, Marble 1, Marble 2, Marble Gold 1, Pink Marble 1, Bubblegum Sunset, Flower Power 1


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